Discrimination is when someone treats you differently, unfairly or worse because of your age, being disabled, your gender, gender identity, your religious beliefs, your race, your skin colour, where you were born or your sexuality.

Discrimination is against the law and can include:

  • being excluded from a sports team
  • being bullied or ignored
  • not fetting a job or being asked to change part of your religious beliefs
  • buildings that don't allow you access because of a disability
  • not being allowed into shops or resturants

Hate crime is a crime that is committed that includes prejudice or discrumination. For example, someone being assaulted because of the colour of their skin or someone's property being damaged because of their sexuality.

What can you do?

Tip 1: Always tell a friend, trusted adult or report it on the SHARP system.

Tip 2: Keep a record like a diary entry or any messages or recordings of what has been happening.

Tip 3: Tell the police if you feel threatened or a crime has been committed call 999 in an emergency or 101 at other times

For further support advice or support take a look at Childline:  https://www.childline.org.uk/  

Always remember your support networks:




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