What is Extremism and Radicalisation?

Extremism has many forms and promotes different ideas, but the radicalisation journey is often very similar. It can lead to someone adopting violent views, breaking the law and even committing acts of terrorism

Any idea can be taken to an extreme, but the type of extremism this section focuses on is when ideas and opinions lead to violence, aggression and in some cases, death.

Radicalisation is the process of someone developing extremist views, which can be dangerous to the safety of human beings. These views can be influenced by external agencies and / or people.

What are our Aims?

Our Academy wants to PREVENT young people from being radicalised and / or drawn into terrorist groups. Working together and advocating the word RESPECT is a vital part of this process.





Why is education about Extremism and Radicalisation Important?

 Teaching young people how to recognise and protect themselves from radicalisation is an important part of addressing this key issue. In teaching young people about protecting themselves, they will teach others  how to protect or support anyone who may be at at risk.


What do I do if I have any concerns?

 Report your concerns to a trusted adult in the academy. If you feel uncomfortable doing this report your concerns on the SHARP system.

To find out more about Channel, contact the police on 101 and ask to speak to the local Prevent officer. You can also email  prevent@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk


You can contact the Police on 101.

Always remember your support networks:





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