The teenage brain experience an imbalance in hormone levels which makes them more likely to take risks. Sometimes these risks include experimenting with drugs or alcohol.

Experimenting with any drug or alcohol has the potential to cause harm and become addictive.

Sometimes as a teenager you may feel pressured by your friends to experiment with drugs or alcohol.

How to deal with the pressure of using drugs or alcohol:

Tip 1: Talk to a trusted adult or friend about how you are feeling. If you feel uncomfortable doing this report your concerns on the SHARP system.

Tip 2: Work out where you stand on issues like drugs and alcohol and stay true to your personal beliefs.

Tip 3: Be aware that some people offer drugs and alcohol and expect something in return. If this happens you should always report this to a trusted adult.

Tip 4: Remember you are not the only one who may be worried. If you speak up, others will too.

Tip 5: Stick to the facts about the effects of drugs and alcohol on trusted websites like Talk to Frank, do not listen to myths and rumours...  

Always remember your support network:



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