Many young people are confused about their sexuality and this can cause a lot of anxiety and heartache. Some people know from an early age that they are gay or lesbian and have stronger feelings for their same sex rather than the opposite sex. Some people take longer to work out their feelings, and if you are confused about your sexuality you need to give yourself time for your feelings to develop - there is no rush. You don't need to label yourself or be pushed into any one direction - you need to do what feels right for you. In time, you will know what feels right for you.


It is common to have crushes and feelings about members of the same sex when you are growing up - often these are passing phases and it does not mean you are gay. If, over time, you have stronger feelings for the same sex, you tend to focus all your attention on the same sex and do not feel attracted at all by members of the opposite sex. This could be an indication that you may be gay.


Some people have feelings for both sexes and are bisexual. It is ok to be gay, lesbian, bisexual - whatever feels right for you to be. Fortunately prejudice against gay people is getting less, although it still does exist in many areas. For this reason, some people who are gay are frightened to come out. As a result they may spend years of their life not being able to be themselves and express themselves in the way they would like to be, and this can cause enormous distress and pain.


If you are subjected to any kind of prejudice, bullying, harassment, because of your sexuality it is important to get help and support for yourself and don't allow other people's lack of understanding to make you feel bad about yourself. It doesn't matter whether a person is straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, - it doesn't matter what sexuality/sexual orientation you have - what counts is the kind of person you are, the qualities you have, and nobody has a right to put you down because of your sexuality/sexual orientation.


Your head of House / Pastoral Manager is always available to talk to you if you have any concerns. The following website links alo offer advice.

 BBC iplayer radio – excellent advice on many topics

EACH - Educational Action Challenging Homophobia: 0808 100 0143, - Helpline offering support for young people affected by homophobia.

BROOK Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for nearly 250,000 young people UK-wide, each year.

 KOOTH.COM  confidential reporting service and online counselling service






















BROOK Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for nearly 250,000 young people UK-wide, each year. We also provide sex and relationships education (SRE) in a range of settings and training courses for professionals working with young people. In everything we do, we try to help young people to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices and to improve their personal health and emotional wellbeing. Free and confidential service for under 25’s.










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